Mice Control & Removal Services

The smallest rodent and most common bread of mouse found in Victoria is the house mouse. They can vary in colour from grey or white to dark brown/black.  The most common breed of mouse in North America is the house mouse. They vary in colour from white to grey, and light brown to black.

In a protected and warm environment like a home or business, mice can live for 2-3 years, and the female can often have up to 10 litters per year, so the population of rodents can quickly get out of control!

The common mouse can eat almost anything but prefer eating insects and cereal, so keeping your kitchen spotless is a critical step when it comes to getting a mouse infestation under control. Mice typically are the most difficult pest to eradicate completely, and often several visits may be required to completely remove the infestation.

The professionals at PSI Pest Scene Investigations know what it takes to remove your mice infestation. Call us today for further service details.