Asian Giant Hornets

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This past summer the Asian Giant Hornet has been found on Vancouver Island. The hornet is widely distributed in East Asia from northern Japan to the Korean peninsula and sub-tropics of South China.

Asian Giant Hornets are large, with large orange heads and black eyes. Queens can be up to 4-5 cm in length with a wingspan of 4-7 cm. Asian Hornets will feed on honeybees and are capable of destroying hives in a short time period. These Asian Giant Hornets only nest in the ground, unlike other species of wasps that build nests in trees and buildings. Asian Hornets are not interested in humans, pets and large animals. They hunt insects for food. Hornets are dormant and unlikely to be seen in winter.

Side-effects from a sting

V.mandarinia also produces several toxins. The uncommon but potential outcomes if stung include :

  • Acute toxic myocarditis
  • Seizures
  • Cutaneous hemorrhages
  • Acute Interstitial nephritis
  • Acute toxic hepatitis

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