Annoying Ant Activities Image

Annoying Ant Activities.

The activities of ants become especially annoying when they disrupt the enjoyment of picnics, sitting out on the lawn or fishing...

By PSI, on April 04/2020
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Asian Giant Hornet Image

Asian Giant Hornets are here!

This past summer the Asian Giant Hornet has been found on Vancouver Island....

By PSI, on Feb 02/2020
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Cockroach Image


Of all the types of pests that invade our homes and businesses, cockroaches produces the greatest reactions in people...

By PSI, on Nov 27/2019
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House of Mouse Image

The House Mouse is everywhere!

The common house mouse, Mus domesticus (also known as Mus musculus), is the most widely distributed mammal on the planet...

By PSI, on Nov 15/2019
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Honey Bee Image


Ants have always been with us. Most people believe there are two kinds of ants, black and red...

By PSI, on April 19/2019
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Honey Bee Image


Of the huge numbers of insects, only a tiny amount, one percent, are harmful to humans...

By PSI, on Sep 05/2018
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Wasp Image

Where are the Wasps and Bees this Year in Victoria BC?

Hold on Fans… they are on their way… it all begins the first week of July, for us. The Honey...

By PSI, on June 27/2018
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Bat Image


Quick Bat Facts: Bats are the only mammal that can truly fly Bats are not rodents and are protected under...

By PSI, on May 10/2018
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