Pest Scene Investigations can solve your termite problem.

We have years of experience dealing with termites and we know what works.

Termites are Mother Natures way to break down wood and return it into the soil. Termites eat and work 24 hours a day to accomplish this goal, which is why you do not want them in your home. They cause more damage to North American homes than hail storms, tornadoes, winds, and hurricanes combined.

Termite infestation has steadily increased across Canada. They are native only to southern British Columbia, but appear across the country. In Toronto, for example, 10% of the houses have termite infestation.

Termites can go undetected for years, eating away at the wood until the structure is damaged. They normally build their nests in the walls where there is a good food supply. A colony of termites can reach more than a million. They can feed on wood until nothing is left but a shell.

Signs of termite damage include:

  1. Pencil-wide mud tubes for above-ground travel on foundation walls, sill plates, or floor joists
  2. Small holes in wood
  3. Crumbling drywall
  4. Sagging door frames or floors
  5. Small piles of sawdust
  6. Hollow-sounding or damaged-looking wood
  7. Pinholes in walls
  8. Piles of tiny wings
  9. Hard oval fecal pellets

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