Annoying Ant Activities

The activities of ants become especially annoying when they disrupt the enjoyment of picnics, sitting out on the lawn or fishing. Fire ants and carpenter ants are the enemies of electrical cables and equipment. Ant workers will strip the insulation from cables causing them to short. Telephone lines, air conditioners, traffic signals and generators are among equipment damaged by fire ants. Carpenter ants live in trees and the tree limbs, which are weakened by their activity, often break in the wind.

What to look for

Fig trees, Bamboo, Cherry Laurel and Oleander attract ants to their secretions. When these ant-plants are present you’re sure to have an ant problem. And don’t forget tunnelling activities of some ants cause the cracking and settling of roads and runways. Carpenter ants are the group of ants that cause damage to wooden structures. These ants tunnel through the wood but do not consume it. It’s best to have a professional get after them when they’re first seen trailing into the house by way of cables or tree branches touching the siding or the roofline. All kinds of houses, from the oldest to the newest and from the best constructed to the poorest may become infested.


Victoria's best Ant removal team

Pest Scene Investigations can help. We’ve seen all sorts of situations over 30 years and we know what works. We are up to date on the latest techniques and have advanced equipment and chemicals for getting the job done safely and in the least obtrusive way.


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