Annoying Ant Activities

ANTS! Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them
Numerous (and intrusive) members of our ecology system

Ants have always been with us. Most people believe there are two kinds of ants, black and red. Some experts believe there are more than 9000 ant species worldwide and they all have different behaviours. Food establishments, schools, hospitals, farms and homes all experience this pest occasionally. Ants may outnumber any other class of terrestrial animal. Ants are extremely successful animals living from the tropics to moist and dry desert regions and from timberline to sea level.

The role of the pest control technician becomes very challenging.

Why are Ants important?

Ants are beneficial to agricultural crops, actively reducing harmful pests to cotton, citrus trees and banana plants, used as medicines in the treatment of rheumatism and cures for fever, eye disease, stomach troubles, colds, coughs and headaches. Let’s be truthful, all that is fine but please get them out of my house, my sanctuary, where I come home to get away from the world’s woes.

Victoria's best Ant removal team

Pest Scene Investigations can help. We’ve seen all sorts of situations over 30 years and we know what works. We are up to date on the latest techniques and have advanced equipment and chemicals for getting the job done safely and in the least obtrusive way. ANTS! Can’t live with them.”

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