Odorous House Ants

Odourous House Ants are a common type of ant that can be found throughout Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island, and British Columbia.

Odourous house ants are tiny and fast. They usually travel in straight lines, but if they are disturbed or alarmed, they will scatter and releasing their odour as they run.

In early summer these ants will gather to breed. After mating, the female may return to her original colony to lay her eggs or may venture out to start a new one. During the summer months, odourous ants will move their nests as often as every two to three weeks.

How Did I Get Odorous Ants?

When indoors, these insects create nests in walls, near pipes, under carpets, or floor gaps where it is warm and close to moisture. Like other insects, odourous ants enter your home in search of food. Kitchen pantries and cupboards are particular favourites because of the proximity to food.

Odourous ants also nest outside and may crawl indoors through cracks in the foundation or openings around doors and windows. They are most likely to invade buildings during rainy or cold weather. Odourous ants travel in packs, foraging day and night.

How Do I Prevent Odorous Ants?

Make sure that you seal all the cracks around your doors and windows. Try not to leave doors or windows open, especially during the summer months. You should also seal off any food in rubber containers or store food in the fridge. Constant cleaning and upkeep will also help keep odourous Ants away.

Trim back trees and shrubs away from the house to remove this access point into your home. Odourous Ants will climb to find cracks and crevices through which they can enter your home.

How Serious Are Odorous Ants?

Odourous ants release an unpleasant smell when in they perceive danger. When they invade the kitchen, they can contaminate food products either lying out or in cupboards. These ants are able to bite, but they do not cause much pain. Odourous house ants are recognized as being one of the most commonly encountered ants in Victoria.


How Do I Get Rid of Odorous Ants?

The most common sign of odourous ants is the foraging worker ants which can usually be found in groups. Another sign, although less common is winged ants. If you see either of these, please give us a call at PSI: Pest Scene Investigators and we will handle them for you. We use a variety of safe methods to ensure the ants do not return.


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